Enjoy Some Free Sample Videos From The Acrylic Painting Secrets DVD Course

I'll be adding more videos to this page over the next week or two, as we build up to the launch of Acrylic Painting Secrets. So long as you've put your name down for the free e-book you'll get an e-mail notification from me when the next free video is ready.

Video #1 Sample Video #1 - Guide To Acrylic Additives
In this first video, I cover the various types of additives (such as gel retarder and glaze medium) that help to make painting with acrylics easier and more manageable.

Video #2 Sample Video #2 - Waterfalls Nice & Easy
In this video, we paint a crashing waterfall and the misty spray it creates as it hits the water below. Other lessons on the 'Water' DVD cover topics like reflections, puddles, seascapes and waves, how to paint boats and more.

Video #3 Sample Video #3 - A View For All Seasons
In this video, we look at how choosing different colours can help you reflect the time of year in your paintings. I've painted the same scene using slightly different palettes for spring, summer and autumn/fall. The lesson completes with a painting of the winter scene.

Video Presentation Over 50 More Lessons Inside Acrylics Secrets
In this short video, I quickly cover what topics each of the eight DVDs in Acrylic Painting Secrets covers.

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